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The Complete Guide to Keto Coffee Drinks

The Complete Guide to Keto Coffee Drinks

There are probably as many types of diet as there are types of food, but one of the more fashionable ones in recent years has been the keto diet. If you’re following this low-carb/high-fat diet, you might be wondering about what coffees are compatible.
Here, we bring you a complete guide to keto coffee drinks – to make sure you can still get your caffeine fix without ruining your diet!

What is keto?

Before we start talking about keto coffee, let’s take a step back and remind ourselves what the keto diet is all about – this will help us understand what we can and can’t put in our daily brew.
The keto diet – or ketogenic diet to give it its full name – is a diet based on switching to foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats. In some ways, it is similar to the Atkins diet or other comparable low-carb regimes.
The idea behind it is that by reducing the number of carbs you consume, your body enters a state of ketosis, a metabolic state that makes your body extremely efficient at burning fat and converting it to energy.
Keto diets also encourage the liver to turn fat into ketones which in turn are used to power your brain. This is a key part of the theory behind the Bulletproof diet, a specific type of keto diet.
The result is a considerable reduction in blood sugar and insulin, and a number of health benefits are thought to derive from such a diet.

Advantages of going keto

One of the most obvious benefits of switching to a keto diet is that it is said to be an extremely efficient way to lose weight.
Although it might seem counterintuitive and against everything we thought we knew, switching to a high-fat diet is said to actually help our bodies burn fat.
Furthermore, some believe the keto diet can help fight a range of conditions, including diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s and more.
Claims are also made that the keto diet helps power your brain more efficiently, in effect actually making you smarter and more able to concentrate.

What you can and can’t eat

If you are considering switching to keto, there are some foods you should avoid and others you should favor.
Foods to avoid include anything high in carbs, like sugars, grains, starches, fruit, beans, and alcohol. You should also avoid unhealthy fats.
The type of food people following a keto diet can eat include meat, fatty fish, eggs, cheese, nuts, low carb vegetables, healthy oils, and avocados.
Of course, you will also want to have your coffee, and you can still have your daily brew while sticking to your keto diet. Let’s have a look at some suggestions for how to do it.

Keto coffee drinks

So onto why we’re really here. What coffee drinks can you and can’t you drink when you’re on a keto diet?
It’s true that many people forget that coffee drinks can be a huge source of carbs if you order the wrong one – you can undo all the hard work of sticking strictly to your diet with just one cup from your favorite coffee chain.
With this in mind, let’s now have a look at what is on the menu – and what’s off it.

Black coffee

This one is a big yes! There’s nothing in black coffee that you can’t have if you’re following keto. The caffeine content is fine – and brings many additional health benefits of its own when taken in moderation – but of course, you can stick to decaf if you prefer, it’s up to you.
If you are just drinking plain black coffee, you have plenty of options. You can brew it using whatever brewing method you prefer, be it French press, pour over, espresso or anything else. Another great keto-friendly option is cold brew – ideal for those long and hot summer days.
Of course, the problem is when you start adding stuff to your black coffee, so let’s move onto that

Syrups for the keto diet

If you want to be more creative with your coffee, teas, and other drinks to come up with some concoctions to rival your favorite coffee shop versions, there are plenty of options too. Lots of versions of flavorings like chocolate or caramel are available that are designed with the keto diet in mind. A good example is the products from Skinny Mixes, a company that specializes in producing a whole range of zero-guilt syrups, flavorings topping and creams.
Skinny Mixes have a huge range of 40 different flavors to help you get creative with your morning coffee – for example, who needs a Starbuck’s caramel macchiato when you can make a sugar-free caramel crème cheesecake coffee at home? Or how about sugar-free mint choc chip anyone?


No, of course not. If you are following a keto diet, you can’t sweeten it with sugar. This is where it all falls apart. If you’re addicted to those caramel macchiatos or vanilla lattes, the regular versions you buy from the coffee shop are packed full of sugar, so they’re best avoided.


Yes, you can. Just because you can’t add sugar, it doesn’t mean your coffee has to be bitter. Many sweeteners are keto-friendly, but a liquid stevia mix, for example, is a good choice.

Milk and creamers

If you want to add some creaminess to your coffee, your keto diet welcomes a big dollop of heavy cream, so go ahead, no need to feel guilty.
Another option – one that is considered essential to the Bulletproof diet – is grass-fed butter or ghee. It might seem a bit strange adding butter to your coffee at first, but as it turns out, it’s actually quite delicious. Just make sure it’s not salted butter – that’s less delicious and just a bit weird.
Understand keto, know what to avoid – and then set your imagination free!
As you can see, if you understand what the keto diet is, how it works and what you can and can’t eat, there’s no reason why you need to deprive yourself of any pleasures. There are so many great products available to liven up your coffee – so get out there and be creative!


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