Peach Iced Tea Recipe: Your Ticket to Sweet Summer Sipping

Forget sweating it out under a sun lounger! Summer in a glass arrives with this divine Peach Iced Tea recipe. Imagine, sweet, sun-kissed peaches waltzing with chilled brew, all topped with a cheeky fizz that tickles your nose and your taste buds. It's like a holiday at home, minus the jet lag and sand in your swimsuit. So grab the ingredients and get ready to sip your way to sunshine bliss!

Peach Iced Tea: A Must-Try Summer Drink

This peach iced tea recipe isn't just very popular in the south of the U.S., it's an experience. It's the sunshine captured in a glass, the sweet whisper of summer afternoons bottled up. It's the taste of lazy days spent lounging in hammocks, the melody of cicadas serenading you while you sip. It's the perfect antidote to the winter blues, a reminder that warmer days are just around the corner (or at least in your kitchen, thanks to Skinny Mixes!). 

How to Make Peach Iced Tea

Ingredients (for a pitcher of pure sunshine):

  • 4-5 bags of black tea (builders, Earl Grey, or your favourite flavour!)
  • 1 litre boiling water
  • 50ml Skinny Mixes Sugar-Free Peach Syrup (the secret weapon of summer in a bottle!)
  • Mint leaves or a slice of peach (optional, for garnish)
  • Squeeze of fresh lemon juice (optional, for a touch of citrus zing)
  • Ice cubes (don’t be shy, you’ll need a lot)


  1. Brew the base: Get your kettle bubbling and brew that black tea. Let it cool completely, or if you're feeling impatient, grab a chilled bottle of iced tea. We won't judge!
  2. Shake it up: Fill a shaker with ice, your chilled tea, and that magic potion – Skinny Mixes Sugar-Free Peach Syrup. Shake it like you mean it, like you're channelling your inner mixologist. Think Shakira, not a washing machine.
  3. Strain the sunshine: Pour your masterpiece into a tall glass filled with ice. If you're feeling fancy, add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a touch of citrus tang.
  4. Garnish with goodness: Top it off with a sprig of mint or a slice of fresh peach for an extra summery touch.
  5. Sip and savour: Take a sip, close your eyes, and let the sunshine wash over you. This is your peachy paradise, all thanks to Skinny Mixes and your brilliant brewing skills.

Peachy Keen FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About This Heavenly Iced Tea

  • Can I brew my own tea instead of using tea bags?
  • Absolutely! Here are two options: 

  • Loose Leaf Tea:
    • Choose your tea: For a classic iced tea, opt for a black tea like English Breakfast or Ceylon. For a more floral twist, try Darjeeling or Earl Grey.
    • Quantity: Use about 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per 250ml of water.
    • Brewing: Steep the tea leaves in hot water (around 95°C) for 3-5 minutes, depending on your desired strength.
    • Strain and chill: Strain the tea into a pitcher and let it cool completely in the fridge.
    • Proceed with the recipe: Once chilled, follow the rest of the recipe instructions, adding your Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Peach Syrup, lemon juice (optional), and sparkling water.

    Cold Brew Tea:

    • Cold brew magic: This method involves steeping tea grounds in cold water for a longer period, typically 8-12 hours. This results in a smoother, less bitter tea with a naturally sweeter taste.
    • Preparation: Use about 2 teaspoons of loose leaf tea per 250ml of water. Place the tea leaves in a pitcher or jar and pour in the cold water. Cover and refrigerate for the desired steeping time
    • Strain and dilute: Once steeped, strain the tea and dilute it with additional cold water to your preferred strength. You can also use this concentrate to make larger batches of iced tea.
    • Proceed with the recipe: Follow the rest of the recipe instructions, adding your Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Peach Syrup, lemon juice (optional), and sparkling water.


    • Experiment with different teas and brewing times to find your perfect flavour.
    • If you don't have a tea strainer, you can use a fine-mesh sieve or even a coffee filter.
    • For a richer flavour, you can add a few slices of fresh ginger to the tea while it steeps.
    • Q: I don't have Skinny Mixes Sugar Free Peach Syrup. Can I use regular sugar or another syrup?
    A: Sure, you can make your own or get a simple syrup at the market, but you’ll be missing out! Skinny Mixes lets you enjoy the sunshine flavour without the sugar drama. Plus, our syrup captures the perfect peachy essence that other syrups just can't match.
    • Q: Can I add other fruits?
    Get creative! Toss in some berries for a tangy twist, or muddle some mint leaves for an extra refreshing kick. The possibilities are endless!
    • Q: This recipe is amazing! Do you have more delicious drinks I can try?
    We're so glad you love it! Check out our Skinny Mixes blog for a whole orchard of yummy cocktails, drinks, and food recipes that'll keep you sipping sunlit bliss all year round.

    Skinny Mixes Sugar-Free Peach Syrup: Your Guilt-Free Peach Paradise

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