Make The Perfect Cranberry Margarita At Home

 Cranberry Margarita

Ready to level up your home bartending skills and make an unforgettable margarita? Look no further! This recipe for a Cranberry Margarita will have you mixing drinks like a pro in no time. Not only is it deliciously tart, but the gorgeous color also makes it great to serve at any occasion, from summer parties to special dinners. 

So check out our recipe and get ready to “wow” with one of the most iconic cocktails ever created! With these tips, you’ll be able to craft the perfect Cranberry Margarita every single time and impress everyone who gets a sip.

Cranberry margarita recipe

The cranberry margarita is a cocktail that is both refreshing and delicious. When paired with tequila, lime juice, and triple sec, the cranberry juice takes on a new level of complexity, resulting in a truly delicious cocktail. This easy cranberry margarita drink is the perfect option for any celebration or get-together and is sure to impress your friends and family with its delicious flavour. 

Ready to start mixing? Let’s start! 

Ingredients to prepare 3  cranberry margarita cocktails

How to prepare a cranberry margarita cocktail

  • Add all the ingredients together into a cocktail shaker until fully mixed
  • Add lime and salt to the tips of each cup
  • Fill the cups with ice cubes and the fruits slices
  • Pour the cocktail into the cups and voila! 


This cranberry juice and tequila margarita is super easy to make, however, if you have any questions, let’s answer them! 

  • What type of tequila should I use? 

For this cranberry margarita recipe we recommend you use blanco tequila *aka white or silver tequila* instead of rested tequila *aka tequila reposado*, this will make your cocktail taste better!

  • When is a good idea to serve a cranberry margarita? 

This drink is a holiday margarita recipe, however, it can be enjoyed all year round! Its tangy and refreshing flavour makes it an ideal cocktail for Spring and Summer! 

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